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June 9, 2013
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12 O'Clock High by johnnyharadrim 12 O'Clock High by johnnyharadrim
Freedom (American Mom during WW2) in her role as Project Payload/Blitz 'special bomber escort' for B-17 and B-24s in the European Theater of Operations, because of these guys:
Captain Carol Anne Briggs is stationed at an undisclosed base in Central England when not pulling VIP escort duty with SACEUR or USO performances or tours. She is assigned to the B-17G 'Carol Anne' with a crew of 11 (additional radio operator/roof gunner a.k.a Freedom). She doffs the disguise when they near the target area, and rejoins her crew on the trip back. Freedom was occasionally assigned to Operation Carpetbagger for VIP POW rescue missions. Synthetic skin disguises ala Mission:Impossible.
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A lovely image, yes.

Though some rather cynical part of me has to think that she's not that highly regarded by the Brylcreem boys in the Royal Air Force's Bomber Command; with all these 'Wunderwaffen" being created to fight American Mom, all it would take is one enterprising Gruppenkommandeur to think "Hey, we could use these on the Britishers as well as the Americans!", and the night skies over Germany will be raining with the burning wrecks of RAF Lancasters, Halifaxes and Mosquitoes.

Ah..damn! Ha, I knew I'd missed something ;p

Sorry, Yank perspective of the war...

Goering, desperate to appease a pissed-off Hitler, threw everything he had into stopping the Allied bomber raids on the Reich. Operation Payload was a deliberate decoy- the Luftwaffe would commit everything they had against Freedom, including their valkyrie Brunhilda, freeing up the 8th Air Force etc. etc. and Bomber Command to bomb the Krauts out of existence, while the Ruskies rolled up the eastern flank. Cancel out wunderwaffen and super soldiers, and we're back to square one with the Germans lacking long-range fighters and strategic bombers while P-51s flew over Berlin, and the end results are the same, history doesn't get re-written.

Brunhilda couldn't fly at night at that point (think needing to be directed by a radar-equipped Ju-388 or ground radar controllers. They tried to rig her up with radar and IR equipment but they were too unwieldy and delicate for her ramming tactics), so it was up to the Luftwaffe's night fighters to try and catch the Wooden Wonders (seriously, Hilde would've turned them into matchsticks). But Goering and Hitler's pride dictated that Hilde be used solely against Freedom, rather than divebombing 10 Downing Street. Occasionally she'd be used to try to turn the tide of the Battle of the Atlantic or on other fronts, but too little too late. Freedom couldn't be everywhere, either, and had to split her time between USO/morale booster tours and B-17 escort duties and the occasional Mission:Impossible hijinks...

Wow, great picture! love the addition of the airplanes in the background!
Thanks Teri! The B-17s are integral to her (background)story, so had to have them!
LemonxChanh Jun 10, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Ready to fight
Nice. Looks like some nazis or fascists are gonna get their asses kicked.
Cool image. So she'll do superheroine duties on the mission and then return with the boys eh?
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