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I know this probably creeps most folks the hell out with all the fake face masks and skin-ripping and Mission: Impossible tomfoolery, but understand this:
1) American Mom is NOT just your average patriotically-themed deliberately MILFy superheroine (hated by Mothers Against American Mom, 'MAAM') with super strength, super speed and near invulnerability. It's all well and fine to just have her flying around or doing cheesecake pin-up poses. I do that to promote her, especially as 'Freedom' during WW2.

2) She has a distinct skill set, mastery of disguise. She uses it, she is very, very good at it and she enjoys it. She's been doing it since 1940. In fact, most of her other non-boilerplate powers are dedicated towards it: limited shapeshifting ability, touch-based unconscious kinesis allowing her to control her mask's facial expressions to perfectly match her own,  subtle mind control to persuade people she is who she claims to be, which developed into the Maternal Voice or 'The Voice', the ability to influence others to do as she says; the way mothers can control their kids just by the intonation of their voice. It makes the disguise more convincing. It is part of her powers. 

3) Therefore, if you'd like to use my OC American Mom a) please ask for permission first, and b) I reserve the right to say 'yes or 'no', and c) I'd like it if you could include her disguise skills- it's what she does. It's the sheer preposterousness of this flag-draped hottie powerhouse ripping out of a disguise that works to her advantage, surprising enemies and stunning them into submission. You'd normally expect her to come zooming in from half a world away carrying a flag with theme music and folks pointing up saying 'Look to the skies!', not be lurking in the same room with you, that's the whole point. She's not just 'Captain America and Wonder Woman's love child who also loves to mentor younger heroes'. Yes, she's a cape, but she has certain advantages and is pretty useful to have around.


Johnny Haradrim
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Should Brunhilda follow American Mom to Angel Falls? 

133 deviants said Yes, she'd make a great villainess/reformed hero
26 deviants said No, she died during World War 2. What is she, a freaking zombie??


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thausgt Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Happy (late) birthday!
johnnyharadrim Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Thank you!
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johnnyharadrim Featured By Owner 4 days ago
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JnEricsonx Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015
Somewhat lewd question but I might as well ask-if AM is of course wearing her uniform underneath her skinsuits, then, lets say she's going to make love....the crotch area of her uniform underneath the skinsuits artificial anatomy is going to be a hell of a suprise barrier when her husband is, well, going for the gold?
johnnyharadrim Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015
Well, if it's not mission-oriented, she wouldn't wear her uniform. E.g. if she just wants to spend sexy time with Clint as plain ol'Carol. And even if she is wearing her uniform, the bottom can be pulled aside :)
JnEricsonx Featured By Owner 3 days ago
True, I was just more thinking that one might have to do some extra finger manipulation to do that since you have to go under the suit's artificial anatomy, hah.
johnnyharadrim Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Clint knows how. Oh my, he knows..!
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